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Sonata, Inc. opened its doors in Hillsboro, OR in 1993. Relocated to Bend since 1997, Sonata is owned and operated by Theresa and Jeff Grimm. We provide website development and graphic design services to businesses and organizations, located across the United States, in the public and private sector. Quality, reliability, and excellent customer service are hallmarks of Sonata. You can rely on Sonata to produce exceptional products on time and on budget.

Theresa Grimm

Theresa Grimm is a technical writer, editor, and graphic designer. She has written, edited, and designed information for diverse formats and subjects: user manuals for computer hardware and software, how-to manuals, newsletters, quilt patterns, posters, e-books, billboards, and curricula for invasive species. In her spare time, she enjoys catch and release fly-fishing and plays the violin in the Central Oregon Symphony. As a certified Angler Education Instructor, she volunteers to teach youth about the importance of healthy fish habitat and responsible angling. Theresa teaches Adobe InDesign classes through the Central Oregon Community College Community Education program.

Jeff Grimm

Jeff Grimm has many years of experience as a programmer. He has developed software for the high-tech industry and the U.S. Soil Conservation Service. He has worked in quality assurance testing at software development companies. Jeff holds a Master’s degree in statistics. When he isn't working, Jeff pedals his bike along local roads and hikes trails in Central Oregon.